TMPD Online Course Catalogue

Online Courses are short courses that have been created on topics that are informed by the key functions of a Lands Governance Office operating under the Framework Agreement. These courses also have a supporting Workbook and supplemental resources that can be used in webinars, workshops and individual learning. Courses are reviewed and  periodically updated with current practices. There are presently over 50 online courses available, with several additional ones in development.

Note: With the dissolve of Adobe Flash, some of our online courses are unavailable at this time. For the time being, we have provided PDF versions of each course. We will replace the PDF document with an updated course as we transition to our new platform. Thank you for your patience.



Framework Agreement

Introduction to the Framework Agreement Course | Workbook
Principles of the Framework Agreement Course PDF

Introduction to Developmental Process

Introduction to the Developmental Phase Course
Individual Agreement Course

Community Ratification Process (CRP)

Introduction to the CRP Course | Workbook

Land Governance Authority

Financial Governance In Progress

Land Law Development

Dispute Resolution Course PDF
Fundamentals of Law Development under the Framework Agreement Course
COVID-19 Part 1: Emergency Planning under the Framework Agreement Course
COVID-19 Part 2: Emergency Law Development under the Framework Agreement Course

First Nation Land Registry

First Nation Land Registry 101 In Progress
First Nation Land Registry 201 In Progress

Land Surveys

Introduction to Surveys Course

Land Use Planning (LUP)

Introduction to Planning Course PDF
LUP 101:  Introduction & Process Course | Workbook
LUP 102:  Ethics & Assistance Course | Workbook
Introduction to Mapping In Progress
GIS 101: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for First Nations under the FA Course
GIS 102: Using GIS as a Tool for Land Governance under the Framework Agreement Course

Cultural Heritage Resources (CHR)

Introduction to CHR governance Course PDF
CHR: Traditional Information & Traditional Practices Course PDF
CHR: Applicable Laws and Regulations Course PDF
Developing a Regime for CHR Course PDF

Natural Resources

First Nation Resource Management and Planning Course PDF
Resource Management and Planning for Forests Course PDF
Creating a Forest Management Plan Course PDF
Resource Management and Planning for Minerals and Aggregates Course PDF
Resource Management and Planning for Water Course PDF
Laws Affecting Water and Planning Course PDF
Creating a Water Management Regime Course PDF

Environmental Governance

Introduction to Environment Course PDF
Introduction to Environmental Governance Course PDF
Environmental Management Plan Preparation Course PDF
Land Code Community Participation for Environmental Governance Course PDF
Operations and Maintenance of Reserve Lands Course PDF
Environmental Inspection and Reporting Course PDF
Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Course PDF

Environmental Protection (EP)

Introduction to Environmental Protection Course PDF
Sources of Contaminants Requiring Management Course PDF
Federal – Provincial Environmental Protection Laws Course PDF
Considerations in Developing an EP Regime Course PDF

Environmental Assessment (EA)

Introduction to Environmental Assessment Course PDF
Environmental Site Assessment Course PDF
Preparing to Develop an EA Regime Course PDF
Creating an effective EA Regime Course PDF
Federal and Provincial EA Processes Course PDF

Climate Change

Climate Change 101: An Introduction to Climate Science Course
Climate Change 102: Planning for Climate Resilience under the Framework Agreement Course

Solid Waste Management (SWM)

SWM 101:  SWM & the Framework Agreement (FA) Course | Workbook
SWM 102:  Municipal Type Service Agreements (MTSA’s) Course | Workbook
SWM 103:  Law-Making & Enforcement under the FA Course | Workbook

Additional Learning

Introduction to the TMPD Strategy Course

Last Modified: September 1, 2023