Framework Agreement

The Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management (FA) is an historic, government-to-government agreement signed on February 12, 1996 between the original 13 First Nations who created and advocated for it, and the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. It is an initiative developed by these First Nations to opt out of the 44 lands related sections of the Indian Act. The Framework Agreement recognizes First Nations’ inherent right to govern their reserve lands. Today, the Framework Agreement has expanded to include an ever-growing number of communities across Canada who are interested in replacing the lands restrictions of the Indian Act with the legal framework developed in a community land code. Only those First Nations who are signatory to the agreement are affected by its application. Each signatory community to the Framework Agreement assumes the administration and full law-making authority of their reserve lands, environment and natural resources, when they ratify their land code. Canada ratified and implemented the Framework Agreement in the First Nations Land Management Act, which was assented to June 17, 1999