Framework Agreement

The Framework Agreement was historically signed by 13 First Nations on February 12, 1996. One other First Nation was added in December 1997. The Agreement began as an initiative by these 14 First Nations to regain management and control of their lands and resources. There are now 125 signatory First Nations across Canada!

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Chief Gordon Planes

“Under the Framework Agreement, we are keeping our culture strong while at the same time maximizing opportunities. This is an investment in the future. First Nations, and Canada, have a tremendous opportunity sitting right here and as a whole we’re not looking at it enough.”

T’Souke First Nation
Director, Lands Advisory Board

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Ratifying Legislation

An act providing for the ratification and bringing into effect of the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management. The Act was required for 2 purposes: to ratify the Framework Agreement, & to implement those clauses of the Framework Agreement that affect third parties or other federal laws, or that are considered important enough to be repeated in the legislation.

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Chief Joe Matthias

“This may be the single most historic accomplishment for First Nations this century, to have First Nations recognized as governments with their own law-making powers and control over their own lands...”

Squamish Nation

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Chairman Robert Louie

“1 out of every 5 First Nations in Canada is either a signatory to the Framework Agreement or on the ‘waiting list’ to become a signatory in order to pursue self-determination. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in economic development projects on Framework Agreement First Nations’ lands. Canada is receiving a financial return ten times the dollars that the federal government is investing in the Framework Agreement process. What an incredible success story.”

Westbank First Nation
Chair, Lands Advisory Board

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Chief Austin Bear

“We know that our people are very capable of making the day-to-day decisions of our reserve lands and resources. After all,  we exercised this responsibility for hundreds and hundreds of years before the Indian Act was imposed on us, more than a century ago.”

Muskoday First Nation
Chair, First Nations Land Management Resource Centre Inc.


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