February 12, 2021 (Sutton West, Ontario)

25th Anniversary of the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management

The Lands Advisory Board and 178 Signatory First Nations Celebrate a Significant Milestone in Reserve Land Governance

Sutton West, Ontario Feb. 12, 2021/LAB/RC – The Lands Advisory Board is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management (Framework Agreement). Over the past 25 years the Framework Agreement has provided the means for 99 First Nations from nine provinces and territories to replace the Indian Act lands provisions with their own laws. These are key milestones towards the decolonization of governance rules for reserve lands.

The Framework Agreement presents signatory First Nations with the option of replacing the application of 44 lands-related sections of the Indian Act with a community-designed and approved land code. A land code has been shown to create more appropriate, effective and efficient land governance and environmental protection, including the recognition of First Nation governments as the decision-making authority over their lands.

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