The S.A.Y. Lands Office is committed to working with our four First Nations to manage
their Reserve lands in a manner which promotes community-based and sustainable land
use, safety, liveability and environmental protection. Our land use management and
planning are built on our culture and traditions and we also develop and use modern
laws and land use tools. Our employees enjoy the ability to be a part of a positive
environment of communities with strong leaders and committed community members.
Community Planner
FULL-TIME (wage to be determined within Group 10)
Under the direction of the General Manager/SAY Lands Manager, the Community
Planner will support the lands office specifically related to land management and
planning for our communities of Skowkale, Aitchelitz, Yakweakwioose and Kwaw Kwaw
Apilt. Key responsibilities include:
• The development and review of future and current planning laws, regulations,
forms, policies, procedures and any additional land management frameworks
• Land use planning
• Environmental management and planning
• Emergency planning
• Community development planning, including zoning
• Project management related to planning
• Assisting to review and process applications for permits, variances, rezonings, etc.
• Preparation of maps, diagrams and others as needed for position
• Collecting, compiling and analyzing data and information on demographic,
economic, legal, social, cultural and physical information regarding land use
• Preparing for, participating in, and following up from our Land Management
Advisory Committee meetings
• Liaising with residents, consultants, government and other agencies, general public
and partners regarding land uses and planning
• Community engagement
• Other activities as directed by the SAY Lands Manager and/or Chief and Council
Applicants should send a resume and cover letter with three (3) references identified
outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position to by April 26th, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.
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