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The Resource Centre (RC) is committed to assist operational communities in identifying their priorities, needs, and work planning for successful implementation of their Land Code.

Under the Training, Mentorship and Professional Development (TMPD) strategy, the RC continues to develop and deliver fundamental and technical Lands Governance training under the Framework Agreement.


RC continues to work towards providing future training and Lands Governance capacity development under the Framework Agreement. Audiences will be advised as workshops and courses become available.

  • Information Workshops – these session are intended to deliver general information and updates on specific topics that are of interest to our managers, directors and communities
  • Learning Workshops – where knowledge is directly delivered by selected experts in the subject matter field
  • Focus Groups – small targeted groups derived experienced First Nation participants that provide expertise towards a specific subject matter

Online Courses

Online Courses are short courses that have been created on topics that are informed by the key functions of a Lands Governance Director, Lands Manager or other Lands related staff operating under the Framework Agreement. These courses also have a supporting Workbook, presentation and supplemental resources that can be used in webinars, workshops and individual learning. Courses are reviewed and updated periodically as laws and other content changes come into effect. There are presently over 50 online courses available, with several additional ones in development.

Note: Adobe Flash must be installed on your computer to view online courses and many of these are in the process of being updated.

Framework Agreement 
Introduction to the Framework AgreementUpdated Course Coming Soon
Principles of the Framework AgreementUpdated Course Coming Soon
Introduction to Developmental Process 
Introduction to the Developmental PhaseUpdated Course Coming Soon
Implementation Document for Parts I & II of the FAUpdated Course Coming Soon
Individual AgreementUpdated Course Coming Soon
Community Ratification Process (CRP) 
Introduction to the CRPCourse
Options for Community Approval ProcessCourse
Pre-Vote Procedures under the CRPCourse
Vote Procedures under the CRPCourse
Land Governance Authority 
Financial GovernanceIn Progress
Land Law Development 
Dispute ResolutionCourse
Law EnforcementIn Progress
First Nation Land Registry  
First Nation Land Registry 101In Progress
First Nation Land Registry 201In Progress
Land Surveys
Conducting and Managing Surveys under Land CodeCourse
Land Use Planning (LUP) 
Introduction to PlanningCourse
LUP 101 – Introduction & ProcessCourse | Workbook
LUP 201 – Ethics & AssistanceCourse | Workbook
Introduction to MappingIn Progress
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)In Progress
Cultural Heritage Resources (CHR) 
Introduction to CHR governanceCourse
CHR: Traditional Information & Traditional PracticesCourse
CHR: Applicable Laws and RegulationsCourse
Developing a Regime for CHRCourse
Natural Resources 
First Nation Resource Management and PlanningCourse
Resource Management and Planning for ForestsCourse
Creating a Forest Management PlanCourse
Resource Management and Planning for Minerals and AggregatesCourse
Resource Management and Planning for WaterCourse
Laws Affecting Water and PlanningCourse
Creating a Water Management RegimeCourse
Environmental Governance 
Introduction to EnvironmentCourse
Introduction to Environmental GovernanceCourse
Environmental Management Plan PreparationCourse
Land Code Community Participation for Environmental GovernanceCourse
Operations and Maintenance of Reserve LandsCourse
Environmental Inspection and ReportingCourse
Environmental Monitoring and ReportingCourse
Environmental Protection (EP) 
Introduction to Environmental ProtectionCourse
Environmental Site AssessmentCourse
Sources of Contaminants Requiring ManagementCourse
Federal – Provincial Environmental Protection LawsCourse
Considerations in Developing an EP RegimeCourse
Climate Change 101In Progress
Climate Change 102In Progress
Environmental Assessment (EA) 
Introduction to Environmental AssessmentCourse
Preparing to Develop an EA RegimeCourse
Creating an effective EA RegimeCourse
Federal and Provincial EA ProcessesCourse
Solid Waste Management (SWM) 
SWM 101 – SWM & the Framework Agreement (FA)Course | Workbook
SWM 102 – Municipal Type Service Agreements (MTSA’s)Course | Workbook
SWM 103 – Law-Making & Enforcement under the FACourse | Workbook
Additional Learning 
Introduction to CBTPD StrategyCourse
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Knowledge Paths Tool

The TMPD Knowledge Path is a valuable tool that can be used to inform, expand and support your learning goals. Identify your learning needs to strengthen your core land governance competencies that lead to the growth and advancement in your knowledge, successes and effective governance approaches over your community lands and resources.

View TMPD Knowledge Paths Tool

Land Governance Manual (LGM)

The LGM is a resource tool for Operational First Nations. It provides extensive documentation, process support and guidance. It is available through an electronic App format for Lands staff to reference as required. It plays a central role in the workshops and webinars and is regularly updated and refined based on First Nation successes, challenges and needs.

View Land Governance Manual (LGM)

Knowledge Repository

A searchable repository of examples, cases, templates, recorded webinars and other tools is available to support Operational First Nations. The ability to host online courses and sub sections of the LGM in a searchable, electronic manner is central to the design philosophy of the strategy. Our website is being implemented, along with other tools being considered, to allow for enhanced access to the repository.

Direct Community Support (1:1)

The RC staff are available to assist communities directly in identifying their priorities, needs, and work planning. If you are interested in this service, we encourage you to contact us and we can set a time to discuss your needs and work to design specific workshops to provide capacity training for your community.

For more information please contact:

Angie Derrickson, TMPD Manager

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