The Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management is a significant expression of Indigenous ingenuity and modern efforts to shed the colonial legacy of the Indian Act. Our team at the First Nations Management Resource Centre is cutting edge, dedicated and experienced in assisting First Nations to develop workable solutions to the everyday challenges of community led lands and resources governance. We are currently searching for motivated and qualified candidates for the following position:

Specialist, Curriculum Delivery and Planning (1 Position)

Location: To be determined based on the successful candidate

Position Description
Assist Lands Advisory Board (LAB), the Resource Centre (RC) Board and First Nations (FNs) to fulfill their responsibilities under the Framework Agreement on First Nations Lands Management (FA), including:

• Curriculum Development & Delivery
-Provide curriculum Development and delivery to First Nation Lands Managers by:
-Assisting the Director, Planning and Readiness and the Specialist, Training, Mentorship and Professional Development (TMPD) with the development of curriculum materials;
-Delivering curriculum materials to signatory FNs through workshops and directly to the communities targeted Audiences; and,
-Conducting other related activities in keeping with the implementation of the TMPD strategy.

• First Nations Assistance
Provide direct assistance to First Nations related to land-based planning in general, including:
-Implementing the Resource Centre’s (RC) land use planning and related policy development (designation, zoning and other policies) strategy;
-Directly assisting FNs in land use planning; and,
-Working closely with individual FNs in land use, land designation and policy development.

• Other
Any other related workload in keeping with the LAB, RC and FNs’ responsibilities in implementing the FA.

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Application Deadline: November 23, 2018
Applications received past this date will not be considered.
Please forward cover letter, clearly demonstrating how you meet the requirements of the position along with your resume to:
Or by fax: (866) 817-2394