Three BC First Nations Vote “YES”


On December 14th, 2013, Skowkale, Yakweakwioose, and Aitchelitz First Nations ALL ratified their communities’ land codes.  These First Nations, in an outstanding and unprecedented vote of 95%, 100%, and 94% (respectfully) of participating registered voters casting their ballots in favour of Land Governance (under the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management), are sending a clear message. They are ready and willing to regain control over their lands and resources.  Congratulations!

“I am so pleased with the overwhelming community Land Code votes for the Skowkale, Yakweakwioose, and Aitchelitz First Nations who are part of the Sto:lo Nation.  These communities voted 95%, 100% and 94% respectfully.  Congratulations to the Chiefs and Councils and their staff and to all the people of these well deserving and hardworking communities.  Land Management jurisdiction will unquestionably bring immense benefits to them and the people of the Fraser Valley and surrounding area.”

Chief Robert Louie

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