K’omoks First Nation Votes “YES”!

On September 12th, 2016, the K’omoks First Nation voted to ratify its land code with an overwhelming approval rate of 92%!  This is the 64th successful vote for an Operational signatory community ratifying its land code under the Framework Agreement.  The abundantly clear majority signifies the community’s will to resume governance jurisdiction over its lands and resources.  Decisions over lands and resources are now definitively back into the community’s hands.

Congratulations to the members of K’omoks First Nation!

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  1. Nicole Rempel says:

    Thank you to the Lands Advisory Board, as well as the amazing staff at the Resource Center for assisting myself, and K’omoks First Nation in this important historical decision. I feel confident that membership will never look back at the Indian Act and say “boy do we miss those days!” We look forward to a future that “we” envision, and are in control of. Truly, we are in control of our collective future, and we will work at it collectively.

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