Wei Wai Kum (Campbell River)

Operational First Nation

Address: 1650 Old Spit Road
City: Campbell River
Province: British Columbia
Postal Code: V9W 3E8
Phone: (250) 286-6949
Fax: (250) 287-8838
Website: https://weiwaikum.ca/
Land Governance Officer: Tabitha Donkers
Email: tabithadonkers@weiwaikum.ca
Chief: Chief Christopher Roberts
Councillor: Councillor Shelly Haunch Councillor Jason Price Councillor Curtis Wilson Councillor Christopher Drake CouncillorMarian Atkinson Councillor Anthony Roberts Jr. Councillor Dean Drake
Term: 17FEB19 17FEB19 17FEB19 21FEB21 21EB21 21FEB21 21FEB21
Population: 834
Number of Reserves: 1
Vote Date: 24/11/2012
Order of Vote: 37
Reserve HOMAYNO 2   (15 hectares)
Reserve e LOUGHBOROUGH 3   (9 hectares)
Reserve MATLATEN 4   (39 hectares)
Reserve CAMPBELL RIVER 11   (126 hectares)
Reserve CAMPBELL RIVER 11   (15 hectares)