Operational First Nation

Address: General Delivery
City: Bear Island, Lake Temagami, ON
Province: British Columbia
Postal Code: P0H 1C0
Phone: (705) 237-8943
Fax: (705) 237-8959
Website: https://www.temagamifirstnation.ca/
Land Governance Officer: Robin Koistinen
Email: Robin.koistinen@temagamifirstnation.ca
Chief: First Chief Arnold PaulSecond Chief John Turner
Councillor: Councillor Alice Becker Councillor Jamie Friday Councillor Douglas McKenzie Sr. Councillor Michael Paul Councillor John Potts Councillor Jamie Saville Councillor Arnold Paul
Term: 27-Jul-20
Population: 866
Number of Reserves: 10
Vote Date: 24/06/2017
Order of Vote: 74
Reserve BEAR ISLAND 1   (293 hectares)