Operational First Nation

Address: 7470 Mission Road
City: Cranbrook
Province: British Columbia
Postal Code: V1C 7E5
Phone: (250) 426-5717
Fax: (250) 426-8935
Website: https://www.aqam.net/
Land Governance Officer: Julie Couse - Director, Lands and Natural Resources
Email: jcouse@aqam.net
Chief: Chief Joe Pierre Jr.
Councillor: Councillor Julie Birdstone Councillor Codie Morigeau Councillor Jason Andrew Councillor Vickie Thomas
Term: 01NOV20 01NOV20 31OCT22 31OCT22
Population: 396
Number of Reserves: 1
Vote Date: 16/04/2014
Order of Vote: 47