Shxwha:y Village

Operational First Nation

Address:44680 Schweyey Road
Province:British Columbia
Postal Code:V2R 5M5
Phone:(604) 792-9316
Fax:(604) 792-9317
Land Governance Officer:Michelle Roberts
Chief:Chief Councillor Robert Gladstone
Councillor:Councillor Bonnie Russell Councillor Michelle Roberts Councillor Tanya James Councillor Ronald Miguel Jr.
Term:01Apr20 01APR20 01APR21 01APR21
Number of Reserves:1
Vote Date:14/06/2006
Order of Vote:18
ReserveGRASS 15   (65 hectares)
ReservePEKW'XE:YLES (PECKQUAYLIS)   (10 hectares)
ReserveSKUMALASPH 16   (468 hectares)
ReserveSKWAY 5   (255 hectares)