Seabird Island

Operational First Nation

Address:P.O. Box 650
Province:British Columbia
Postal Code:V0M 1A0
Phone:(604) 796-2177
Fax:(604) 796-3729
Land Governance Officer:Danielle Gabriel
Chief:Chief Clement Seymour
Councillor:Councillor Paul Andrew Councillor Ronald Joe Councillor Linda Kay Councillor Stacy McNeil Councillor Janice Parsey Councillor Marcia Peters Councillor Rodney Peters CouncillorAlexis Roper
Number of Reserves:2
Vote Date:12/03/2009
Order of Vote:25
ReservePEKW'XE:YLES (PECKQUAYLIS)   (10 hectares)
ReserveSEABIRD ISLAND   (2,180 hectares)