Operational First Nation

Address: 6735 Salish Drive
City: Vancouver
Province: British Columbia
Postal Code: V6N 4C4
Phone: (604)263-3261
Fax: 604-263-4212
Land Governance Officer: Francis Guerin
Chief: Chief Wayne Sparrow
Councillor: Councillor Rosalind Campbell Councillor Nolan Charles Councillor Allyson Fraser Councillor Gordon Grant Councillor Howard Grant Councillor Wendy Grant-John Councillor Morgan Guerin Councillor Tammy Harkey Councillor Michele Point Councillor Nora Stogan
Term: 30-Nov-20
Number of Reserves: 1
Vote Date: 03/12/2012
Order of Vote: 38
Reserve MUSQUEAM 2   (209 hectares)
Reserve MUSQUEAM 4   (57 hectares)
Reserve SEA ISLAND 3   (7 hectares)