Long Lake #58

Operational First Nation

Address: P.O. Box 609
City: Longlac
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: P0T 2A0
Phone: (807) 876-2292
Fax: (807) 876-2757
Land Governance Officer: Lacey Garret
Email: lacey.garrett@longlake58fn.ca
Chief: Chief Marguerite Waboose
Councillor: Councillor Noreen Agnew Councillor Judy Desmoulin Councillor Audry Fisher Councillor Patrick Kakegabon Councillor Anthony Legarde Councillor Frank Onabigon Councillor John Onabigon Councillor Arthur Shebagabow Councillor Shirley Tyance Councillor Henry Waboose
Term: 21-Jan-20
Number of Reserves: 1
Vote Date: 24/11/2016
Order of Vote: 67
Reserve LONG LAKE 58   (232 hectares)