P.O. Box 609,
Longlac, Ontario, P0T 2A0
(807) 876-2292
(807) 876-2757
Population : 1,787 Members
Chief: Chief Judy Lynn Desmoulin
Councillor Wendall James Abraham
Councillor Noreen Francis Elizabeth Agnew
Councillor Angeline Edna Britt
Councillor Henry Reginald Davey
Councillor Judy Lynn Desmoulin
Councillor Audry May Fisher
Councillor Micheal Fisher
Councillor Patrick Joeseph Kakegabon
Councillor Anthony Albert Alphonse Legarde
Councillor Frank Alphonse Michael Onabigon
Councillor Shirley Anne Tyance
Councillor Duane Eddie Maurice Wesley
Term: 27-Jan-24
Election Date: 28/01/2022
Order of Vote: 67
Number of Reserves: 1
Reserves:LONG LAKE 58 (1,923 Ha)
Region: East