P.O. Box 609,
Longlac, Ontario, P0T 2A0
(807) 876-2292
(807) 876-2757
Population : 1,912 Members
Chief: Chief Judy Lynn Desmoulin
Councillor Noreen Agnew
Councillor Hailey Finlayson
Councillor Audry Fisher
Councillor Michael Fisher
Councillor Roma Fisher
Councillor Narcise Kakegabon
Councillor Patrick Patabon
Councillor Anthony Legarde
Councillor Lloyd McLaughlin
Councillor Peter Shebagabow
Councillor Shirley Tyance-Bedwash
Councillor Duane Wesley
Term: 27-Jan-26
Election Date: 26/01/2024
Order of Vote: 67
Number of Reserves: 1
Reserves:LONG LAKE 58 (1,923 Ha)
Region: East