Chippewas of Kettle & Stony Point First Nation

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(519) 786-2125
(519) 786-2108
6247 Indian Lane,
Kettle and Stony Point FN, Ontario, N0N 1J1
(519) 786-2125
(519) 786-2108
Population : 2,629 Members
Chief: Chief Kimberly Desiree Simone Bressette
Councillor Jack Allen Michael Brown
Councillor Elizabeth Janet Cloud
Councillor Stanley Wade Cloud
Councillor Larry Vincent George
Councillor Marshall Emory George
Councillor Ronald Craig George
Councillor Melissa Monague
Councillor Carmen Gregory Rogers Jr
Councillor Alvin Douglas Wolfe
Term: 13-Nov-24
Election Date: 14/11/2022
Number of Reserves: 1
Reserves:KETTLE POINT 44 (1,033 Ha)
Region: East