PO Box 120,
Beardmore, Ontario, P0T 1G0
(807) 875-2785
(807) 875-2786
Population : 568 Members
Chief: Chief Yvette Metansinine
Councillor Mary Frances Blakely
Councillor Bradley Kirk Nayanookeesic
Councillor Harvey Duncan Nayanookeesic
Councillor Claudette Evelyn Rody
Councillor Irvin Peter Shawayahamish
Term: 13-Aug-26, 31-Mar-25, 31-Mar-25, 31-Mar-25, 31-Mar-25, 31-Mar-25.
Election Date: 14/08/2023
Order of Vote: 102
Number of Reserves: 1
Reserves:LAKE NIPIGON RESERVE (1,270 Ha)
Region: East