WORKSHOP – Operational Funding Formula for Land Code Governance – RC Workshop

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Dec 11, 2023 - Dec 13, 2023

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RC Engagement Workshop

Topic: Operational Funding Formula for Land Code Governance 
Date: Nov 4, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST
Length: 3 hours


The Developmental, Transitional and Operational Funding formula is expiring at the end of March 2023. As a preliminary data gathering exercise, the Lands Advisory Board and Resource Centre are seeking input from First Nations in order to develop a strong negotiation position with Canada as per sections 29 and 30 of the Framework Agreement.  

During this virtual workshop the Resource Centre will be facilitating a discussion around the pros and cons of the existing developmental, transitional and operational funding formula as well as exploring suggestions for improvement and other considerations affecting the resourcing of First Nations for effective land governance under a land code. 

These findings will be reported at the Lands Advisory Board 2021 Annual General Meeting on December 14 and 15, 2021. 


Target Audience:

  • Operational, Developmental & Signatory First Nations, Interested First Nations:
    Land Governance Directors, Land Managers and Staff, Chief & Council,
    Band Managers, Lands Committee Members, Elders and Youth



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