Coldwater Indian Band Job Posting: Lands, Wills, and Estates Administrator

The Lands, Wills and Estates Administrator is responsible for managing and administrating the Coldwater Indian Band’s Lands (Traditional Land Holdings, CP’s, etc.), Wills and Estates program, including the INAC, NRCan and other available Lands Registry Systems.



  • Develops and maintains a Land registry system that recognizes the Coldwater Indian Band Lands, Traditional Holdings and Certificate of Possession;
  • Manages and maintains all documentation associated with the Coldwater Indian Band Lands program, including commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural leases, permits, rights of way, and any and all other legal documentation pertaining to Coldwater Indian Band lands;
  • Supports and advises Band Administrator and Chief and Council on any reserve land issues;
  • Develops a community education process that educates the Coldwater Indian Band community on Lands issues and updates all Lands issues associated with the Land Use Plan (community input), Land and Natural Resource Policy, Community Comprehensive Plan, Water Stewardship plan, etc.;
  • Prepares various documents for Locatees, i.e.: Transfers of interest (Traditional Land Holdings), Certificates of Possession;
  • Prepares transfers of interest for the Band Membership (traditional land holdings, houses, CP lands, etc.);
  • Prepares Community Bylaws with Community Consultation (clean community for safety reasons, animals, community safety, protecting our Lands, etc.).

 Wills and Estates:

  • Provides advisory services to Band Members and assists in the preparation of personal documentation and records;
  • Promotes and assists in drafting Wills for Band Members or refers to appropriate authority;
  • Maintains and develops records, and ensures the integrity and strict confidentiality of all estate information, including the development and maintenance of all client estate and other records;

General Administration:

  • Develops in consultation with the Coldwater Indian Band membership, Band Administrator and Chief and Council any Band policy and procedures related to the administration of Lands, Wills and Estates and administers accordingly

Qualifications & Skills:


  • High school completion
  • Formal training and or course work in the Administration of Wills and Estates, preferred
  • Formal training and or course work in Lands Management, preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in Land Management and the Administration of Wills and Estates
  • Prefer related experience working in a First Nations Organization
  • Knowledge of the Coldwater Indian Band members and community (preferred)
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and ethics at all times
  • Exceptional integrity and professionalism
  • Excellent interpersonal and people management skills
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and manage workload
  • Exceptional analytical and decision-making skills
  • Strong team player (essential)
  • Good mediation and conflict resolution skill
  • Exceptional competency with computer applications and software
  • Valid drivers’ License and own transportation
  • Criminal Records Check and Bondable


NOTE:  The Coldwater Indian Band welcomes and encourages community members to apply.  Band members meeting some of the  essential qualifications will be considered for Band assisted sponsorship and training in Lands Administration.

Under section 42 (1) of the Human Rights Code, the Coldwater Indian Band has adopted a special program of giving preference in employment to First Nations people.

If you possess the necessary qualifications and skills, please forward your cover letter, resume and salary expectations, in the strictest confidence, by August 31, 2017, to

Bill Gallis at:


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