Brunswick House First Nation Employment Opportunity – Forester Internship

Job Description: Participate in 7 Forest Management Plans (FMP) annually over the next
3 years; Participate in the Enhanced Sustainable Forest Licence Process on behalf of
Brunswick House First Nation (BHFN); Conserving BHFN’s federal land forests; continue
to build healthy relationships between BHFN and the Ontario Ministry of Natural
Resources and Forestry; Assist Lands Manager on past, present and future consultation
requests from Industry, proponents and government; Work with BHFN’s Economic
Development Department as it pertains to Forest Management Planning; Conduct site
visits with forest companies on areas such as new and existing gravel pits, road
construction,culverts, bridges and roads; work with BHFN Lands Manager on building a
new Timber Management Forest Plan for Mountbatten location; Engage in forest
management and strategic planning for BHFN forestry assets; Explore business to
business initiatives with key industry partners; Ensure forestry companies are in
compliance with BHFN’s standards; and Protect BHFN’s traditional Eco-logical
knowledge as it pertains to forestry (Cultural Land Values).

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