Guidelines for Preparing Proposals for Resource Centre managed survey contracts

Evaluation Criteria

Critère d’Évaluation

VIDEO: Why have a survey done on First Nations Land?


Looking for more information on First Nation Reserve Land Surveys?  Take a moment to read this informative document, produced at the request of Natural Resources Canada, Surveyor General Branch.

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About Surveys on First Nation Reserve Lands (Full Document)

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Association of Canada Lands Surveyors


Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) – Tools and Applications for Canada Lands Surveys

  • Includes links to recorded survey plans and records, as well as a Google Earth overlay of every Reserve in Canada and a search tool for surveys that are in progress


NRCan – Canada Lands Digital Cadastral Data

  • The datasets can be downloaded (free of charge) for use in Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • The direct link to the NRCan ftp site to download the dwg or shp files


NRCan – Maps of Canada Lands

  • Includes a map for First Nations Land Management
  • The maps can either be downloaded (for free) or requests for printed versions (for a fee) can be made