Helping communities move away from the Indian Act by:

  • Decolonizing Land Use Planning in a New Era of First Nation Self-Government
  • Elevating and Re-establishing Traditional Indigenous Planning Practices
  • Promoting Cohesive and Holistic Environmental Planning informed by Climate Change
Land Governance Planning HUB: Indigenous Planning, Partnerships, Awareness, Guidelines, Integration, Forum and Support


Provide a forum for First Nations to share best-practices and renewed approaches to planning.


Develop and deliver training strategies to support First Nation Self-Government and Land Governance Planning.

Indigenous PlanningIndigenous Planning

Develop strategies to harmonize concepts, including Indigenous Planning and Western Planning.


Develop strategies to support communities amalgamating existing plans, and promote planning cohesiveness for individual communities and the Nations they belong to.


Develop guidelines for First Nations to adopt in working with Planning Consultants.


Build awareness of emerging needs of self-governing First Nations and improving professional practices for Planners involved with First Nations.


Establish and expand partnerships with planning bodies such as the Canadian Institute of Planners, and post-secondary institutions offering First Nation Planning Programs.

For more information, please contact:

Adam Wright, Planner, Land Code Governance


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