The First Nations Land Management Resource Centre (Resource Centre) was established by the LAB and was incorporated in 2001. The Resource Centre is the service delivery organization that fulfills the LAB’s technical and administrative responsibilities under the Framework Agreement. Governed by a Board of Directors which are appointed by LAB elected officials, the Resource Centre provides developmental and operational support services throughout the pre-developmental, developmental and operational stages of land governance.

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Interested in becoming a signatory to the Framework Agreement?  Tell us a bit more about your First Nation.

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You are a signatory to the Framework Agreement and you are looking for Developmental tools for your First Nation.

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Your community has ratified your Land Code and you are now researching Operational tools for your First Nation.

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We would love to hear about and feature your community’s success. We are pleased to highlight and share your community’s advancements and plans for future generations.

Whether it’s the pride in taking back the management of reserve lands and resources, the removal of reserve lands from the Indian Act, the community control over First Nation land management and development leading to cultural reinvigoration or green energy initiatives, etc.

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PO Box 100, Golden Lake, ON   K0J 1X0 Population: 2,728 1 Reserves

PO Box 120, Beardmore, ON   P0T 1G0 Population: 500 1 Reserves

25 Reserve Road, Naughton, ON   P0M 2M0 Population: 1,292 1 Reserve

General Delivery, Cedar Point, ON   L0K 1C0 Population: 2,608 3 Reserves

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