About the Land Governance Manual (LGM)

The Land Governance Manual (LGM) is a resource tool for Operational First Nations under the Framework Agreement. It was originally developed by a focus group of 11 Operational First Nations in the Sto:lo Territory in British Columbia which represented over 20+ years of land code implementation experience.

The draft was carried through a series of Think Tank sessions that were held regionally across Canada. These focused, capacity building sessions encouraged ongoing discussion of current land governance practices and experiences as they relate to various lands governance topics. These important discussions lead to further development of the LGM with Operational First Nations across Canada.

This feedback continues to be collected to ensure that all FN signatories perspectives are reflected throughout the LGM which provides extensive documentation, process support and guidance. It is available electronically, in printer-friendly format for lands staff to print for reference as required. It plays a central role in the workshops and webinars and is regularly updated and refined based on First Nation successes, challenges and needs.

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