Operational First Nation

Address: 8161 Aitchelitz Road
City: Chilliwack
Province: British Columbia
Postal Code: V2R 4H4
Phone: (604) 791-1004
Land Governance Officer: Brittany Hall - SAY Group
Chief: Hereditary Chief Angie Bailey
Councillor: Councillor John George Councillor Leona Sam Councillor Gordon George
Term: n/a
Population: 42
Number of Reserves: 1
Vote Date: 14/12/2013
Order of Vote: 42
Reserve AITCHELITCH 9   (21 hectares)
Reserve GRASS 15   (65 hectares)
Reserve PEKW'XE:YLES (PECKQUAYLIS)   (10 hectares)
Reserve SKUMALASPH 16   (468 hectares)