Lands Advisory Board and Resource Centre

Who is the Lands Advisory Board?

Under the Framework Agreement, the First Nations have established a Lands Advisory Board and a Resource Centre to assist them in implementing their own land management regimes. The LAB is the political body composed of Chiefs regionally elected from among the First Nations involved. The resource centre is the technical body intended to support First Nations in the developmental and operational phases implementing the Framework Agreement.

What does the Lands Advisory Board and Resource Centre do?

The Land Advisory Board’s functions include;

  • Provide strategic direction to the Resource Centre
  • proposing to the Minister such amendments to the Framework Agreement and the federal legislation as it considers necessary or advisable
  • in consultation with First Nations, negotiating a funding method with the Minister
  • performing such other functions or services for a First Nation as are agreed to between the Board and the First Nation.

The Resource Centre’s functions are;

  • developing model land codes, laws and land management systems
  • developing model agreements for use between First Nations and other authorities and institutions, including public utilities and private organizations
  • on request of a First Nation, assisting the First Nation in developing and implementing its land code, laws, land management systems and environmental assessment and protection regimes -assisting a verifier when requested by the verifier
  • establishing a resource centre, curricula and training programs for managers and others who perform functions pursuant to a land code
  • on request of a First Nation encountering difficulties relating to the management of its First Nation lands, helping the First Nation in obtaining the expertise necessary to resolve the difficulty
  • proposing regulations for First Nation land registration