Aboriginal and Treaty Rights

Does the Framework Agreement affect Treaty rights?

No! The Framework Agreement is not a treaty and does not affect any treaty rights.

Does the Framework Agreement affect other Aboriginal rights?

No! The Framework Agreement is not intended to define or prejudice inherent rights, or any other rights, of First Nations to control their lands or resources or to preclude other negotiations in respect of those rights.

Does it affect other First Nations?

No. It applies only to the Signatory Members of the Framework Agreement. Other First Nations are not affected. The Agreement does not affect any lands, or any rights in lands, that do not belong to these First Nations.

Will the fiduciary relationship between the federal Crown and the First Nations continue?

Yes. The Framework Agreement explicitly states that the Parties acknowledge that the federal Crown’s “special relationship” with the First Nations will continue. As a practical matter, because under its Land Code the First Nation will be making the day-to-day decisions regarding its own lands, the Minister’s responsibility as a fiduciary is less than it would be under the Indian Act, where the Minister is responsible for these day-to-day decisions.