About Us

The First Nations Lands Advisory Board (LAB)

Under the Framework Agreement, signatory First Nations established a Lands Advisory Board to assist them in implementing land governance over their reserve lands and resources. Councils of the Signatory Operational First Nations (FNs) determine composition of the LAB.  The LAB is currently comprised of 13 elected Directors and the Chair, serving on staggered terms.  Annually, one Directors position comes up for election from each of three regions.   These three regions are British Columbia, Prairie (AB, SK and MB), and Eastern (ON, QC and the Atlantic).  The LAB Chair is elected for a 5-year term; the Directors are elected for three-year terms.

LAB’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • provide strategic direction to the Resource Centre;
  • propose to the Minister such amendments to the Framework Agreement and the federal legislation as it considers necessary or advisable;
  • in consultation with First Nations, negotiating a funding method with the Minister
  • performing such other functions or services for a First Nation as are agreed to between the Board and the First Nation

In addition to these functions the directors of the LAB provide the following services:

  • Political advocacy to Signatory First Nations
  • Framework Agreement presentations to operational, developmental and interested First Nations, Parliament, conferences and other relevant gatherings
  • Meetings with provincial and federal governments as well as other organizations and 3rd parties
  • Media Interaction

First Nations Land Management Resource Centre (LABRC)

The LABRC is the service delivery organization that fulfills the LAB’s technical and administrative responsibilities under the Framework.   Some of the Resource Centre’s functions include:

  • developing model land codes, laws and land management systems;
  • developing model agreements for use between First Nations and other authorities and institutions, including public utilities and private organizations;
  • on request of a First Nation, assisting the First Nation in developing and implementing its land code, laws, land management systems and environmental assessment and protection regimes, assisting a verifier when requested by the verifier;
  • establishing a resource centre, curricula and training programs for managers and others who perform functions pursuant to a land code;
  • on request of a First Nation encountering difficulties relating to the management of its First Nation lands, helping the First Nation in obtaining the expertise necessary to resolve the difficulty;
  • proposing regulations for First Nation land registration.

A non-inclusive list of LABRC advice and support services to Operational First Nations include:

  • Transitional support advice
    • Financial planning
    • Law Compliance
    • Law Creation prioritization
    • Instrument Development
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Fees
    • Organization/Staffing/Training/Knowledge Sharing
  • Registry set up/FNLRS Training
  • Information Management
  • Individual Agreement Maintenance – Revenue Accounts, documents transfer, legacy issues follow up
  • Land Use Planning
  • Enforcement and Adjudication
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Environmental Assessment/Management Advice
  • Survey Advice
  • Legal Advice
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Federal/Provincial/Municipal Relations
  • Issue specific advice
  • Issue specific workshops
  • Staff Mentoring
  • Best practices and on line learning curriculum and other resources

A non-inclusive list of LABRC support services to developmental First Nations include:

  • “Implementation Document” Facilitation:
    • Land Code development assistance
    • Assistance with Community/Council/Staff Information development and working Sessions
    • Facilitating the completion of the Individual Agreement
    • Assisting Verifier when needed
    • Ratification vote assistance
    • Milestone and financial reporting

*Support to First Nations is restricted to Land Code development and/or implementation

*First Nations Signatories are not required to utilize the services of the LAB or RC.