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Questions about Surveys on First Nations Lands? Download some answers now!

Looking for more information on First Nation Reserve Land Surveys? Take a moment to read this informative document, produced at the request of Natural Resources Canada, Surveyor General Branch.

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About Surveys on First Nation Reserve Lands (Full Document)

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Q.1: Why have a survey?
Q.2: How do surveys fit into land management?
Q.3: What does a Canada Lands Surveyor do?
Q.4: What type of survey do we need?
Q.5: How can we get the best from a Canada Lands Surveyor?
Q.6: How can we learn more?

Fort Nelson First Nation Job Offering: Land Code Development Coordinator

Fort Nelson First Nation is looking for a qualified Land Code Development Coordinator.

Reporting to the Executive Director of Administration, The Land Code Development Coordinator will be responsible for the development and ratification of an On-Reserve Land Code to replace the land management provisions of the Indian Act. This position supports an inter-departmental governance initiative and committee of four (4) senior managers and four (4) committee members appointed by Council. This position will oversee a Land Code Development Committee and work within the First Nations Lands Management Act (FNLMA) regime, which focuses on On-Reserve land use planning, permitting, and economic development potential.


Or contact:

Cathy Murphy, Human Resources Consulting
Fort Nelson First Nation
R.R. #1, Mile 295, Alaska Highway
Fort Nelson, B.C. V0C 1R0

A first for Quebec! Abénakis de Wôlinak VOTE yes!

In an historic vote, the Abénakis de Wôlinak became the first Framework Agreement signatory community in Quebec to ratify their community Land Code, and regain authority over their reserve lands and resources.  On March 2nd, 2017 Wôlinak voting members chose to opt out of 34 restricting lands sections of the Indian Act, in favour of their own lands laws.  A first for Quebec, and now the 70th First Nation community in Canada to become operational under the Framework Agreement, Wôlinak is now at the helm of their community protection and sustainability projects.  Congratulations on this tremendous achievement.


Wasauksing votes YES to their Community Land Code!

On February 25th, 2017, Ontario’s Wasauksing First Nation voted undeniably in favour of their community Land Code.  Under their Land Code, Wasauksing First Nation will be able to manage their own land, resources and environment per their community developed land code, laws and policies.  This is an incredible step forward for the community, as it becomes the 69th First Nation in Canada to regain lands governance authority under the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management.  Wasauksing can now move ahead at the speed of business,  protecting their lands and resources in keeping with the wishes of the community. Congratulations Wasausking!