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Henvey Inlet wind project gets $3M boost from feds

HENVEY INLET, Ont.—The federal government has announced an investment of $3-million to support a proposed 300 megawatt wind farm project on the Henvey Inlet Indian Reserve, which is midway between Sudbury and Parry Sound, Ont.

The government says the project will guarantee future financial independence and full employment for the Henvey Inlet First Nation and many residents in the surrounding communities.

“Our Government continues to make strategic community investments designed to enhance the participation of Aboriginal peoples in their local economies,” said Tony Clement, president of the Treasury Board and MP for Parry Sound–Muskoka. “This project will stand for many years to come as a source of great pride and economic opportunity for the residents of Henvey Inlet First Nation.”

The project is a joint venture between Nigig Power Corporation, which is wholly owned by the Henvey Inlet First Nation and Pattern Energy Group.

“Along with a wide range of jobs that will be created directly in the wind energy sector, full employment will come from the many spin-off projects in road construction, cement plant operation, crane and heavy equipment operation and small business development for our community members,” said Wayne McQuabbie, chief of the Henvey Inlet First Nation.

The government added that strong infrastructure is the foundation for solid and prosperous communities, and it is committed to ongoing infrastructure support for First Nations in building stronger, healthier, safer and more self-sufficient communities.

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Penticton Indian Band was officially welcomed as one of the newest signatories to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management

On June 30th, 2015, the Penticton Indian Band was officially welcomed as one of the newest signatories to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management (Framework Agreement).

Under the Framework Agreement, the Penticton Indian Band now has the opportunity, (through its land code) to opt out of 32 land-related sections of the Indian Act and resume jurisdiction and decision-making authority over its reserve lands and resources.

On behalf of the Lands Advisory Board, Chief Robert Louie addressed the crowd gathered to celebrate the adhesion ceremony in Penticton:

“Over the last 15 years of land governance experience through the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management (Framework Agreement), cumulative investments on operational First Nation reserves are now estimated at approximately $270 million, with thousands of on-reserve jobs having been created for both members and non-members. There is absolutely no doubt that the Framework Agreement is working for our First Nations and for Canada as a whole! Framework Agreement signatory First Nations are forging new partnerships with their neighbors, businesses, investors, bankers as well as with all levels of government. The Lands Advisory Board and the First Nations Land Management Resource Centre have worked diligently towards providing support to the Framework Agreement signatories and towards creating opportunity for all First Nations in Canada to pursue this initiative, if they so desire. My great appreciation goes out to Minister Valcourt and his staff for working with us to see the addition of Penticton Indian Band to the Framework Agreement. On behalf of the Lands Advisory Board, and the Framework Agreement signatory First Nations, we welcome Penticton Indian Band and look forward to the prosperous future ahead of them.”

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Kwantlen First Nation Votes “YES”!!

Kwantlen First Nation Votes “YES”!!

On June 30th Kwantlen became the 58th Operational signatory community under the Framework Agreement, after voting to ratify its land code. It was a historic day for the community as Kwantlen First Nation members sent the unmistakable message to Canada that they wished to resume their jurisdiction over their lands and resources, placing major decisions for their future solidly back in their own hands.  Our congratulations to Chief Marilyn Gabriel and the Kwantlen membership on this historic and successful vote!