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Community members of St. Marys First Nation (Cranbrook, B.C.), cast their ballots in the Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 ratification vote of their Land Code. In a show of great support, the community gave a clear message that authority over land management be returned to St. Mary’s First Nation. This is the 48th First Nation to ratify its Land Code under the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management. Congratulations St. Marys!

“My sincere congratulations are extended to the St. Mary’s Indian Band Chief & Council and the membership for their successful Land Code vote. I predict that St. Mary’s will have far greater Economic Development opportunities under their Land Code and they will be able to better protect their land and resources for their future generations. Congratulations again to a well deserving community.”

~ Chief Robert Louie

Sumas First Nation is looking to hire a Lands and Resources Manager

The Lands and Resources Manager is mandated with the management of the Sumas First Nation Lands Office in the implementation and administration of the Sumas First Nation Land Code. This position will be the primary source to develop and administer laws and policies related to land administration, land and resource management, planning, environmental management, land development and land transaction registration. They may be called upon to provide expert advice to Council, SFN staff and members.

This position supervises Lands and Resources staff, and develops and administers an annual budget and ensures the delivery of the department in a cost effective manner.


Skowkale, Aitchelitz and Yakweakwioose (S.A.Y.) require the services of a qualified Lands Assistant.

The Lands Assistant is responsible for assisting the SAY Lands Manager in meeting the obligations under the Lands Programs and Lands Registry under delegated authority for the Skowkale, Aitchelitz and Yakweakwioose (SAY) First Nations. The incumbent assists in various aspects of the program including acting as the Deputy Registrar, registration of legal land documents, verification of eligibility for registration and recommending registration to the Lands Manager, input into the annual departmental work plans, policies and procedures.

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