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2013 Signing Ceremony

Eight additional First Nations become signatories to the Framework Agreement on the First Nations land management.

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2013 Federal Budget Allocates Additional $9 Million to Expanding First Nations Land Management Regime

Chief Robert Louie, Chair of the First Nations Lands Advisory Board, responded to the federal budget:

Canada’s strong commitment of support to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management is inspiring.  An additional $9 million will be provided in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, following the $20 million committed in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. More First Nations now will have the opportunity to assume jurisdiction over their reserve lands and resources. This means that economic development projects can
move forward at the speed of business, which is impossible under the Indian Act.

Chief Louie explained:

“These new projects will increase revenues for First Nations and provide significant employment opportunities for members and non-members alike.  First Nations now will be able to enact laws dealing with the development, conservation, use and possession of reserve lands. More importantly this will be accomplished without surrendering title to reserve lands, thereby maintaining our responsibility as land stewards over these lands for our future generations.”

Chief Austin Bear, Chair of the First Nations Resource Centre, shared Chief Louie’s excitement:

“With the success in land governance demonstrated by the Communities that have left the paternalism of the Indian Act to sign the Framework Agreement, we are witnessing ever-increasing numbers of other First Nations interested in becoming signatories. The Framework Agreement is a First Nation initiative which places our people in control over their lives and their futures. Without Canada’s continued support to advance the Framework Agreement, this self-determination would not be possible”.

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