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Harper Government Provides 8 More First Nations with Greater Control Over Land & Resources

“The Lands Advisory Board is extremely pleased with the announcement to add 8 more signatories to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management. Minister Duncan has repeatedly indicated to me that his intention is to continue to add more First Nations as signatories to the Framework Agreement, thereby providing them with the opportunity to assume total decision-making control over their reserve lands and resources. After opening the Framework Agreement to 18 new entrants last year, the Minister is again delivering on his commitment. I am pleased with the Minister’s follow through.”

Chief Robert Louie

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of the First Nations Land Management Resource Centre, we welcome the eight new entrants into the Framework Agreement. The Directors and staff of the Resource Centre are committed to assisting these communities in completing their vote and ratification process in a timely and efficient manner. We look forward to them assuming control over their reserve lands and resources in the near future and making their own decisions under a Land Code developed by the membership, both on-reserve and off-reserve.”

Chief Austin Bear

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